Tuesday, January 6


xxxx says (15:19):
    i was naughty today...i missed zuhor jammat
Shak says (15:19):
    no biggie, surely?
    didnt reliase you were that prudent
xxxx says (15:19):
    the guilt is killing me
Shak says (15:20):
    you go everyday? where?
xxxx says (15:20):
    in a basement of a cafe
Shak says (15:21):
    good stuff!
    you pray 5x a day?
xxxx says (15:22):
xxxx says (15:23):
    no excuse not to...espically in winter
Shak says (15:23):
    find it sometimes harder
Shak says (15:24):
    too close together
xxxx says (15:24):
    less wahduu
Shak says (15:24):
xxxx says (15:28):
    ok if you aint flatulent
Shak says (15:29):
    hey man
    i cant keep mine for more than an hour nowadays
Shak says (15:30):
    hence not reading asr till maghrib time!
    i used to keep it all day
    screwed up my insides proper... now i just let it go and rewhudu

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