Friday, February 6

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February's edition of Rebel Muzik was just as cracking as the last: once again we had an open mic session stuffed with talent you could hardly describe as being amateur; and once again we had a fantastic main show with talent like Manage and Kingpin busting up the mic and J.Kas providing some awesomely eclectic stuff too.

There were two hits for me this time. Ottoman Empire Soundsystem, four guys from Germany, were just plain fun - their performance was charming, amusing and full of quality and we laughed and sung along with the group.

Secondly there were the beautifully talented Pearls of Islam; a poetic/spoken word duo who seemed as brilliant off stage as they did on it.

So yet another fantastic night out, with Rebel Muzik once again cementing its guarantee of providing spiritually uplifting, inspiring and most importantly brilliant music each first Thursday of the month.

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