Thursday, February 26

Film: He's Just Not That Into You Click for more info

A charming tale, or rather bunch of tales, about various folk trying to figure out what their significant (and not so significant) others are trying to tell them (or not tell them). This film is all about communication, be it of your needs, feelings or something mundane

It's a bit like Love Actually, actually, albeit with a couple of major arcs supported by satellite ones. And don't let the title fool you though; HJNTIY is just as much about the guys as it is about the girls.

Although it's slightly more rom than com, it still managed to make me laugh out loud more than a few times. It's literally funny 'cos it's all true, and I defy anyone to watch this without relating to (and possibly even learning from) at least one of the characters or anecdotes in it.

As a production the film had little to complain about, and the acting was up to scratch too - I guess it's easy to pull off a character when they're not the main focus of a film. I didn't even mind Affleck doing his bit, while Scarlett was smoking hot.

A definite recommendation, even if you'll only get to watch it with a guy mate.

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  1. i enjoyed it - but found it a tad too long.