Friday, February 13

New Music

High School Musical Special! But first, the normal stuff:

Avenue Q - Avenue Q

From the previously watched theatre production, the lyrics still have me in stitches. And as an OST it's top class too!

Use Somebody - Kings of Leon

My current rock ballady track. Crap lyrics but who cares?

Run - Leona Lewis

Far superior to the Snow Patrol version which she covers, this is even more class from the girl from Hackney.

And now what you've all been waiting for:

High School Musical - High School Musical

Only Breaking Free and Stick to the Status Quo, mind.

High School Musical 3 - High School Musical 3

Now or Never, I Want It All, Can I Have This Dance, A Night To Remember, Just Wanna Be With You, High School Musical.

Camp Rock - Camp Rock

We Rock, Here I Am, Our Time Is Here.

All feelgood, teeny boppy, and musical. I won't say any more since I've already lost any street cred I might have had. I'm going to go jump off a cliff now.

1 comment:

  1. Watching High School Musical always makes my day. I love the music from all 3 films.