Saturday, February 21

Film: Bolt Click for more info

Standard top class Disney CGI about a dog without super powers (you'll see what I mean if you get the chance to catch it). There aren't many surprises here - we have the same universal appeal, the same cheesy plot and lines which may make you well up (not me) and some awesome action sequences making full use of the medium. I won't say that Bolt is best of breed or even memorable, but it was certainly a blast while it lasted.

What did make Bolt special was that we watched it in 3D. Now all these optic-altering gimmicks usually give me headache, and there was nothing different here. Still the 3D was effective when I wasn't straining my eyes, and I'm guessing that it was just me who was having problems.

Bolt is definitely worth a watch, and pretty much compulsory if you have nephews to take. Recommended.

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