Tuesday, February 24

Film: Push Click for more info

Ambitious tale about a world where psychics are powerful and aplenty; enough to be a threat to governments worldwide, in fact. So yes, you have a bunch of rebel psychics being hunted down by turncoat psychics, and the powers they each have are so varied that it's easy to forget you're not watching an X-men film.

But Push isn't really about psychic powers, it's more about rebellion and standing up to the man, blah blah blah. It actually does a pretty good job of this, until it goes well over its own complex head and ends up a confusing mess.

It's a shame because other than the wild (and unnecessary in my opinion) ending the film is good. Dakota Fanning does brilliantly again as a sassy teenage girl, while the others keep things ticking along.

If you're looking for something resembling fantasy drama then this will probably fit the bill; just don't be too miffed if you don't quite get the ending - ignore that and you'll enjoy what else Push has to offer.

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