Sunday, February 15

Unveiled: New Art From The Middle East Click for more info

A bunch of us once again returned to the Saatchi Gallery down on King's Road to check out what we thought was a collection of Islamic Art. When we got there we realised that what we had in our heads wasn't what was put out on offer; this stuff was more modern, abstract and possibly controversial than what one might classically imagine Islamic Art to consist of. I think that this was new art by Muslims, rather than art derived from Islam, a stance that know can't be an absolute one.

The overriding theme was that of liberation - be it women from oppression or the West Bank from occupation. They were all striking, although some more than others; ironically though I can't quite remember much of it and am finding it difficult to pick a favourite.

However, almost cliche like, the art did generate debate amongst those of us who went. We found ourselves talking about honour, liberation, gender justice and other things - discussions completely triggered off by what we were seeing. As thought provoking art this was definitely it.

As is the case with all the Saatchi exhibitions, Unveiled is free so you really have little excuse not to check it out; although I won't say that it's worth going for alone there's plenty of other things to do in the area to make a day out of it.

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