Sunday, February 22

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Meh. "It's a damn gimmick" I kept telling my dad (although without the damn part of course). "If you want to get fit then do some exercise!". Of course no one ever listens to me (I'm the youngest born you see) and before I knew it, a Balance Board sized parcel was delivered to our door.

I have to admit that it's a pretty smart piece of kit, in a simple and effective way I mean. For those of you who have an idea of what the Balance Board does, it's not just a scale, but four: one in each foot. This means it can tell you which way you're leaning - the "balance" part - and this in turn opens up some pretty nifty minigames.

Some are more effective than others. You have the Yoga and Workout ones, which rely on you to keep still on the board in order to indicate that you're holding a position correctly. The other games are literally for fun, with things like hula hooping, skiing, dancematting and tightrope walking. All very clever and very fun in a group.

But as fun as it is, will it make you fit? Well I'm convinced that it would have some kind of positive effect if done daily and properly (as always it's easy enough to cheat). I still think it's a gimmick in that sense, and that you're much better off going for a jog or something. But people don't jog and judging by the use Wii Fit is getting in this house they do use this. In those terms it is better than nothing.

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