Saturday, July 26

Yet More Halaliano's Karaoke

Another good banshee wailing session, with veteran karaoke-heads pushing the boundaries even further (two foolish guys even did Dus Bahane, dance moves and all), while people new to the game were also being sporting and getting up.

A smaller crowd than usually allowed us all to sing what we wanted - I managed to fit in some Britney along with my Spandau Ballet, but I may have totally destroyed Take That's Back For Good for many people; my throat had just given up the ghost by that point. Maybe next time? My duet partner and I decided to graduate from Summer Nights and tried Endless Love and The Time Of My Life... With mixed results.

One of the best bits for me was Bole Chudyan, totally proving me wrong about how Bollywood and karaoke don't mix. There was a bunch of us, boys and girls, and we all seemed to know the lyrics, rhythm and moves without prior practise or warning. Awesome.

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  1. wicked - those foolish guys who did dus bahane must have been fun to watch