Sunday, July 27

Film: Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging Click for more info

Although I'm always weary of a Gurinder Chadha flick, I also find myself equally curious. Between Bhaji, Beckham and Bride she's done enough to convince me she can make an interesting enough film, and since this was one with no Asian protagonist to be seen I was doubly eager to see it.

Angus is modern day fairytale set in the British seaside town of Eastbourne, about a 14 year old girl called Georgia. We follow her as she wrestles with boys, thongs and kisses, while desperately trying to grow up as her solution to all her problems.

It's Adrian Mole/Bridgette Jones stuff but on a Nickelodeon scale; not that this makes it any less deep or trivial. It's full of laughs and tears, the script is brilliant (totally from the valley of awesomeness) and Georgia Groome does a superb job as the love struck and angsty teen. It's just so perfectly weighted it's a pleasure to watch. And as an added bonus not a gay Asian best mate in sight either!

Definitely one to watch.