Wednesday, July 30

Game: Okami (Wii) Click for more info

As it was last game I had to play on the PS2, I was particularly happy to learn of Okami's port to the Wii. It was a bit of a no brainer for many: a major part of the game involves "painting" gestures on the screen, something perfectly suited to the Wii controller.

But gimmicky input methods aside, Okami is a pretty action adventure set in mythical Japan, where gods battle demons and all that. Think Zelda and you'll come close to what this game is about.

The two main draws of the game are the graphics and gameplay. The game is full of gorgeous painted on visuals that can be bother humours and serious when the situation calls for it. On the gameplay side you have some simple yet engaging puzzles as well as the all important physical "painting" which triggers the god-like powers of your canine character.

Despite the action adventure billing, Okami is pretty straightforward - an attraction for me as I look for games to enjoy rather than test, although there are enough side quests to provide depth if you so desire. But on the whole it's a nice little chill out game that allows you to flow like one of the many rivers you'll encounter in it.

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