Tuesday, July 15

Game: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Click for more info

My poor DS really doesn't get much use, now that I don't have a commute. This is fortunate, since there hasn't been much I wanted to play on it anyway - although I did have this, the fourth in the Phoenix Wright series.

But Apollo Justice isn't really the fourth game, is it? After all, we now have a brand new attorney to take over where the much loved Wright left off, one who is just as annoying and irritating as Wright himself appeared to be way back in his first game.

Gameplay remains the same, although since this is the first Ace Attorney game made especially for the DS (the others were localised GBA ports) it does have some extra elements suited to the more advanced format. Many of these were seen in the bonus case present in the first cart - things like being able to view and manipulate evidence in 3D. As usual a new power has also been introduced - Apollo is now able to perceive when people are lying, but I'm yet to see exactly how this affects gameplay.

But despite the adjustments, this is classic Phoenix Wright (or should that be Ace Attorney now?) stuff, and as such received exactly the same recomendation that the previous three got.