Wednesday, July 2

Food: Red Dragon Click for more info

Halal Chinese! Yay!

Just in case you missed it, that's a bit of a sarcastic celebration up there; I've not really been impressed with previous attempts at Halal Chinese food (namely Shere Khan's, Fusion and TKC), so I wasn't really expecting much from Red Dragon either. That could actually be why I was so pleasantly surprised, since the place wasn't all that bad after all.

Yes the food is greasy (I expect to still feel greasy in a couple of days), but there's plenty of it available in the wide ranging and varying buffet. It all tasted pretty well too, particularly the more simple dishes like the satay, deep fried prawns and spring rolls, all of which I could probably eat all day.

Best of all is the price - I'm not sure how much the buffet itself was but we got charged nine quid for it with drinks. That's pretty amazing value, even if you consider the quality of the food! There wasn't much else to complain about either - the place was clean and conducive to us having a good time (although they did refuse to serve tap water, which I'm certain is illegal or something).

If you're passing you could do worse. My only regret is that it would be way too unhealthy to visit Red Dragon more than once or twice a year!