Thursday, July 3

Film: Hancock Click for more info

Will Smith stars as a loser superhero, saving lives but being reckless, irresponsible and a bit of a dick while doing so. One saved soul, who happens to be a publicist, decides to help Hancock out by advising him on how to change his image in order to "interface" with the public in a more positive way.

Well, that's different enough to make this a somewhat original film, I guess. But originality alone doesn't make a good film. That's not to say Hancock is bad, it's just not that great.

Not a lot happens for a start; this is not surprising given the films 90 minute runtime. Sure, the actual superhero scenes are pretty impressive, with lots of flash, bang and whallop, and you really engage with all the characters as they laugh and cry.

What the film fails to deliver on is the plot. There just isn't enough of it, and what little there is really doesn't make much sense. This is a shame since the film doesn't quite manage to survive on its looks alone.

Hancock is a cute little disposable movie that's worth watching provided you're not looking for anything too deep, but will disappoint if you need more than that. That said I can't quite bring myself to not recommend it either.