Tuesday, July 22


xxxx says (10:42):
    so why is it that you dont find muslims attractive?
xxxx says (10:44):
Shak says (10:47):
    cos they mainly fail
    i guess i have high standards for them
Shak says (10:48):
    liberals fail cos they dont pray or use stick on nails
xxxx says (10:48):
    there is this
Shak says (10:48):
    fundies fail cos they dont appreciate film, music, the opposite sex, rude jokes
xxxx says (10:48):


  1. you're forgiven for sounding so bitter...

  2. forbidden fruit, eh? (although not all are forbidden)

  3. so where are the normal ones hiding?

  4. Anonymous12:11

    The normal ones fail cos they aren't glamorous enough to be noticed.
    (No stick on nails,carefully applied layers of colour and all that goes with that usually leaves them too 'ordinary')

  5. 12:11,

    Bit of a cop out, surely? For one thing the implication from the conversation was that glam isn't necessarily something that puts a person at an advantage - and that anyone who doesn't fall into the two narrow (and so unfair) extremes would be found very interesting by virtue of them being different from the rest. For example, I always mentally acknowledge the lack of fake nails on a person!

    Also, perhaps those that admire normality are as rare as those who are normal? Perhaps they're all the same people?

    But apart from that bear in mind that, as is normal in the snippets I post here, I was being shallow, flippant and satirical anyway; the above wasn't meant to form the basis of a serious opinion for either myself or anyone else.

  6. ah, but often flippancy hides a grain of truth about what one thinks