Sunday, July 6

The Best Tennis Match Ever?

I'll freely admit it - I'm not a major major tennis fan. I can barely sit through the minimum of two straight winning sets of a Ladies' match without getting a bit bored. But a combination of having free access to a television and going Wimbledon myself this year made me more interested in this year's competition than usual.

Despite this I still preferred watching Ladies' tennis over Gentlemen's (although possibly for the wrong reasons). However today's Gentleman's final totally blew me away and is not just the best match this year, but possibly the best I've ever seen. And it seems that a lot of other people agree.

It was epic. A saga lasting almost half a day, causing even the most neutral audience to choose sides. I was gunning for Federer myself; there was something compelling about having him win six in a row and I really do want him to eventually wipe Sampras out of the record books.

Nadal was impressive though and equally responsible for providing us all with such an awesome match. It was going to and fro, with an unbelievable number of break points being lost by Federer and won by Nadal. The bittersweetness of tennis comes out of its scoring system where you can still lose even if you win the most games. In this way it's such a big shame that Federer lost after beating his way back in after finding himself down after two sets.

I won't bother giving the low down of the match - you can get that somewhere else. I'm just here to record that when one of the greatest matches in tennis history was being played, I had the pleasure of watching it live.

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  1. This must be the first blog entry here which I wholeheartedly agree with!

    Although I’m Federer’s Girl, I was really really pushed to support him throughout because Nadal deserved to win as much as Federer. It was truly a phenomenal match with two formidable players.

    Well done to them for giving us the opportunity to watch 1st class tennis and it even converted a few anti sporty types in the process. Result!