Tuesday, July 29

Film Overload

Five films in six days is probably more excessive than impressive, especially since that would account for 10% of my annual movie going (which in itself is an above average figure). Whatever the case, it's certainly not normal. I blame my new lifestyle and, ahem, flexible working hours.

I remember when I used to watch films once a week, my parents warning me that even that amount was too much and I'll end up becoming addicted and going twice week or something equally crazy. They're wrong, but only in their underestimation!

But hey, this wasn't a typical week and most of the stuff I saw was awesome (Mission Istaanbul, I'm looking at you here), including one of the best films I've ever seen. Considering the last film I saw before Wall-e was Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic on the 12th, it seems that I had just come out of a lull and was catching up anyway; and looking ahead at the release schedule, I may be hitting one again too.

At least I can genuinely claim to be an avid movie goer - my only regret is that since everyone and their dog puts down "cinema" as one of their interests, it kinda undermines what I feel to be my more legitimate use.


  1. the way i justify it is if you have an annual unlimited card, you will be doing a massive disservice to their scheme by NOT watching as many movies as you can (although suffice to say, the only time that changes is when there is a crap movie/lineup - MSSION ISTANBUL BEING ONE SUCH EXAMPLE!!).

  2. Anonymous11:15

    Have you got a new job yet?