Tuesday, July 29

Film: Mamma Mia! Click for more info

At its most basic, Mamma Mia! is just an excuse to showcase the more popular Abba songs. Unlike most other musicals there isn't much of a story or depth of characters here, and as such little emotion is felt while watching it. No one cheered at the inevitably happy ending, for instance.

Apart from when the songs were being sung, of course. For fans of the music there can be nothing better than seeing them performed in this manner - the film bits in the middle are an ignorable bonus if anything, and stuff like Angus beats this for feelgood hands down.

So, only worth watching if you're into Abba. And if not, well then you need to sort out your taste in music before worrying about what film to watch.

1 comment:

  1. im not an abba fan but i still enjoyed watching it; delightful!

    i loved mamma mia for its feel good, leave-your-brain-at-home, summery, sunny kind of ..feel punctuated by bootiful actors playing the main roles. also, i disagree with your opinions that it wasnt typical; ime, it was exactly what i have experienced with musicals (esp west end theatre) but thats not such not a bad thing!!