Friday, July 18

Food: Kazan Click for more info

Another Turkish, but this time closer to the top of the middle than otherwise, Kazan served ten of us delightful food in a nice and clean environment.

A good time was had by all for the hours we spent there (although a lot of that was waiting for food, which was disappointing), and despite being seated at a long table (which usually kills any chance of a group discussion) the atmosphere was so conducive to having a good time we didn't even notice.

So what's not to like? Well for one thing, the price. Although we had taken advantage of a Top Table 50% thing, the bill still hit a whopping £20 per head after all the bell and whistles had been added on. Still we had slightly over ordered (particularly on the overpriced cocktails) but I think more careful ordering could have prevented this - those of us who stuck to the excellent mezze were more than happy with our meal.

Something to consider when you want to splash out, especially if halalness and conversation are paramount to your enjoyment of a meal.