Friday, July 18

No Asians In The British Olympic Team

Apparently, although I can't seem to find a link to back that up. There are around 300 Brits going to China and not one of them are of subcontinental descent. Not sure whether that surprising or not, but it is a bit disappointing either way.

Still at least we can do medicine and engineering, eh?


  1. Anonymous10:41

    Well Amir Khan represented us well last time and brought home a medal. There is a Muslim on the boxing team this time round as well (Khalid Yafai from Birmingham) but I'm not sure if he's South Asian or Yemeni. I'll also be cheering for the boxer Billy Joe Saunders. He will be the first person from the Gypsy community to represent Britain at the Olympics. Actually, aren't Romany Gypsies desecended from the subcontinent?

  2. and merchant banking and IT and pharmacy and, for the rebels, meejah