Sunday, July 27


In the past month I've found my way into multiple unrelated forms of media. There's been two airings of Kids' Say on the Islam Channel hosted by me, the article in Emel and this morning I was on the BBC Asian Network reviewing Mission Istaanbul.

Quite why these opportunities have all come now, I'm not sure (although I feel that no longer having a 9-5 has had something to do with it!). That they're all so unrelated adds to the fact that this attention has less to do with celebrity and more to do with availability. As a friend has recently quipped I seem to have found myself on some kind of z-list!

Although none of these were substantial, general feedback has been pretty good and further doors have been opened. Personally I feel that I'm handling these situations much better now than I have previously - I mean I've done the TV and radio thing before but I feel much more comfortable and confident this time around as I realise that the more professional people in the industry are just as human as the rest of us.

Will there be more TV/radio/publications? I'm not sure. I'm not saying I'm bored of the exposure and I'm certainly not ungrateful, but at the moment they've all been a bit of (unpaid!) fun and although I would love to continue doing so there comes a point where you have to ask yourself whether the experience is worth the time or not. Till then, watch this space.