Thursday, July 24

Film: WALL·E Click for more info

A "Toy Story" beater eh? Well leaving aside the fact that I considered Toy Story to have been well and truly stomped on by the mighty Incredibles I must admit that I was quite looking forward to seeing exactly what Wall-e was about. I mean look, a Johnny-5 alike fancying another hot robot can only be cute for five minutes before an audience needs something else to go on.

I wasn't that disappointed either. Disney-Pixar have a seemingly limitless talent for telling a good story, and once again it was demonstrated during this film. Of course the main theme was about Wall-e's crush on Eve, and it was undoubtedly cute and endearing (and, okay, perhaps a bit familiar too), but there was plenty of other guff to be getting on with too.

A few things makes Wall-e stand out above its peers too - that it includes real life actors for one thing, and how the main protagonists don't have a voice for another. Still I can't bring myself to agree that Wall-e beats Incredibles, Ratatouille, Kung Fu Panda or even Toy Story - there is no doubt that it's good, but compared to the rest it unfortunately pales.


  1. Anonymous11:09

    no way... the incredibles did not beat toy story. nothing will every beat it.

  2. toy story 2 beats toy story!