Friday, March 24

Zippy Is A Gimp: Proof

So I've had a few people raise an eyebrow over my claim that Zippy of Rainbow fame was, in fact, a gimp. Well apparently I'm not the only one, as this Google search shows.

Keyword searches aside, let's look at Rainbow itself. The show was filled with blatant sexual innuendo that would even put the likes of South Park to shame. Firstly we had Geoffery and Bungle regularly sharing a bed. And then we had a very effeminate, camp and possibly gay pink hippo (who along with Zippy also always had one hand under the table). And don't get me started on Rod, Jane and Freddy - their sexual exploits spilled off the show and into the tabloids at one point if I recall correctly. Amongst these a gimp seems almost in too well in place.

Still not convinced? Well nothing can beat good ol' photographic evidence. Here is Zippy, along with a random picture of a gimp taken off the Internet:

I rest my case.