Thursday, March 16

While You Were Sleeping

It's that time of the year when getting up for Fajr seems to disrupt my sleep the most. Unlike during the winter months (when I could stay up after praying) or the coming months (where I get a good few hours to go back to sleep), the less-than-two-hours I get after prayer right now isn't of much quality.

Something has to give, and as a result I can usually be found been sleeping on my way to and from work over these few weeks. It's not unintentional and I think people who have used the tube for a certain number of years develop a sense of subconsciously knowing where their stop is so I'm not afraid of missing mine. I don't get to read as much as usual, which sucks, but otherwise it's pretty nice to catch a few winks during the deadtime that is the daily commute.

However (and this is why I'm actually posting what would otherwise be a pretty inane blog) I've noticed something different this year. More than once I've caught someone watching me while I'm napping. This isn't in my head, people. One glance can be accidental, but when you catch them more than that (and then in the space of a few minutes) you know something's up.

It's not a bogey or something (I've checked), I don't think I fall on anyone either side of me or snore (they certainly don't seem to indicate so) and all my stuff is with me; there's nothing at all interesting going on that would make a passer-by turn to look - and no one except these particular people are.

I'm thankful that the tubes are usually packed at that time otherwise who knows what could happen.

I'm scared.


  1. Hey, Do i get a prize for leaving the first comment!

    With the getting up for Fajr routine, these days its more difficult I must say. Its easy when you can pray Fajr at a time you routinely would get up for work. But thats not good because waking up for fajr should be a strict routine no matter what time it happens. I must say adjusting my body clock is difficult. If anybody knows any useful tips then i'd like to know what they are. Apparently it seems like Alarm clocks dont wake me up most of the time so ive just given up on them.

  2. dribble? snoring? or worse maybe you do things in your sleep ...