Thursday, March 9


xxxx says: so how you gonna cope when i'm no longer single?
Shak says: lol. oh dear. typical... a guy talks to a girl for an hour and she starts thinking about marriage
xxxx says: lol. who said anything about marriage?
Shak says: THIS is why i dont use the phone
xxxx says: you don't use the phone?
xxxx says: funny because neither does yyyy
Shak says: he's lazy. i just wanna avoid the whole "OMG HE SPOKE TO ME SO HE MUST LOVE ME" thing you women all think


  1. i reckon it's probably something peculiar to your generation guys. you're all too scared in case there's gap in the conversation so you prefer to text or email or im

  2. ooo

    move over Mel..

    ladies and gents: let me present to you Radio Shak in 'What Women Want #2'...

    [e.a.l falls off her chair in hysterics]