Sunday, March 12

Film: The Proposition Click for more info

Australian western about a lawman making a criminal go after his older brother in order to save his younger one. Absurd as this "proposition" (from which the film gets its name) is, it sets up the rest of the film for some good bits and deep enough exploration of the issues faced by those of that time.

However, I couldn't help but go away thinking something was missing. I still can't quite place what that something was, but it had something to do with the characterisation of the main protagonists: perhaps I didn't believe them enough? Still despite this uneasiness, both Ray Winstone and Guy Pearce gave some brilliant performances.

Although I can;t quite recommend you all go see this this instance, I would suggest that you keep your eye out for it the next time you're renting a DVD, since it's definitely worth at least that.

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