Sunday, March 5

Another Weekend, Another Birthday

You know, recently it seems like I have a birthday party to attend almost every other week. Not that I'm complaining of course, it's just weird that as I get older, the celebrations become more frequent and even, at times, more juvenile. Which is a good thing - please allow me to explain why.

I guess the reason I never celebrated birthdays during college and uni was 'cos it had mainly consisted of "going clubbing and getting slashed in a bar or pub", which is fine if that's what you're into, but easier to skip altogether if you're not. Not that that's ever been a problem per se; I've always been fine with missing out and would never dream of stopping others from enjoying themselves, and in return I get understanding and excused from having to take part in the things I'm uncomfortable with. Pretty much a win-win, right?

Anyway, I prefer the (possibly) more humble occasion of everyone getting together and just chilling playing games, eating cake and the like. Now, although I've always had this with my local friends, I've noticed that as I get older I'm beginning to meet more and more people who prefer the same thing.

Take tonight, for example. There was good food, plenty of nice people, dance mats (and although I wouldn't usually mention this I have to say I won more times than I lost) and even fireworks - unfortunately I couldn't stay for Singstar or the two horror DVDs that were cued up. But the point is that it's not hard to have good clean and, dare I say it, unpretentious fun; and more importantly, it's not hard to find people who are more than willing to provide and share it with.

This all seems to be another symptom of a shift in lifestyle I've been going through over the past year or so. It's way too major to cover in a mere footnote, and yet ironically way too subtle and gradual to cover with a single blog on its own. Perhaps some of you have noticed it yourself, or perhaps it's nothing at all. I may even nail exactly what it is myself soon, but for now I'll just dramatically end it there.