Saturday, March 4

Film: Kidulthood Click for more info

Pleasantly made and easy going film about a bunch of teenagers who have been given a day off after the suicide of a classmate. At its most basic it's a love story regarding two of the group, but there are enough smaller anecdotes on the way to keep the interest of the viewer.

I think what makes the film good is its fine balance between realism and cliche. Granted I've not really been exposed to some of the issues raised within (due to my being a Good Boy), but it was easy enough to relate to the kids themselves - it was at accessible enough for those twice the age of the major protagonists and I found myself sharing their 91 minute journey instead of distancing myself or shouting at them for being crazy or foolish like I usually do with stuff of this nature.

It's not on at many places, so I quite recommend you watch it while it is.

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