Thursday, March 23

On The Radio (Again) Click for more info

Guess who's going to be a panelist on Sonia's Friday Forum tomorrow? Well alright, this is my blog so you probably guessed straight away. But anyway, if you want to hear me make a fool of myself on national radio make sure you tune into the BBC Asian Network between 11am and 12pm tomorrow. For those who don't tune in regularly, previous Friday Forum panelists have included Mutz, John McCririck, Aruna Shields, Ms Scandalous, Hard Kaur and various Big Brother contestants so I'm both really flattered and honoured to be given this oppurtuity. Ahem.

I hope I don't swear or anything.


  1. I usually just lurk here, but I made a point of listening to Sonia Deol's show (I claimed to a Company Executive that there was an ad for a new environmental campaign that I needed to listen to).

    I listened to most of the Friday Forum broadcast and must say you came over with genuine warmth and charm. It was a very good forum and there seemed to be a good flow of banter in the studio.

    Good game, good game..

  2. oh shame...i missed it. whats the friday forum about maan? cant believe sonias show has changed so much.

  3. ey my comment didnt appear?

    shame i missed it. chalo. hope it was fun. ur in there now..can ye keep an eye out for news presenting posts please, your royal highness?

    lol at ur excuse tabby