Monday, March 13

Food: Mango Tree Click for more info

Despite having had worked next door to this Thai fusion joint for the last two years I've never actually been there, thinking that there would always be a chance to visit eventually. And tonight I did.

I say fusion since this isn't really authentic (you can tell as soon as you walk into the relatively plush restaurant that this is no normal Thai place), but that's not to say it wasn't good. 'Cos, well, it was.

Some dishes weren't all that, and the menu was hardly non-meat-eating friendly, but that wasn't a major problem since what we did enjoy we enjoyed very much. I had the fishcakes and excellent grilled bass myself, but had a go at some wonderful shrimp cakes and seafood satay too. The service is also worth noting; for the first time in a while it was a pleasure paying the service and tip.

The bill was consciously kept to a very reasonable £21 per head, although expect that to rise if you're feeling a bit decadent. Definitely worth a try.


  1. i'm liking these eating out guides you seem to be providing us with.

    look forward to some more reviews :)

  2. mango tree is roobish compared to patara! deffo go there for some authentic food. of course...if you want to watch your wallet, there's a place called mangosteen in carnaby street. £20 for a 3 course meal.