Monday, March 20


So the guests I had over for the weekend have now left (or at least should have; they were still in bed when I left for work this morning). It was good having them over - they were the first "couple" I've had to stay and suddenly I remember my parents doing the same for their friends when I was a child. Scary stuff!

I must admit it's also a nice feeling being one of the few "couple friendly" places for my friends to stay - visitors sometimes prefer the bachelor(ette) pads to a family home, but it's probably harder to justify that to the new partner or wife! I hope that it becomes more common as time goes on.

Unlike Roh, I'm not really new to close friends getting married. That particular shock was overcome when uni ended and a local college friend got married. Then there are the Redbridge guys who did the deed nearly one and a half years ago. And of course that's all ignoring the friend who have been cohabiting for, like, ever and may as well get married.

Still, I do see where Roh's coming and I've caught myself double taking more than once when I see recently coupled, erm, couples. Pretty soon the married will outnumber the unmarried. So yes, times are changing; but then on the other hand they always have been. Heaven knows what it will be like when my friends start having kids! Cripes.

EDIT: Of course I already have at least one friend (and from uni to boot) with kids. But I don't see him that often so I think my feelings are still valid here. Kinda.

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