Friday, March 24

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I won't bother recapping the show in detail, but for those of you that missed it Sonia on the BBC Asian Network was today joined by Ayesha Hazarika, Makosi (from Big Brother, apparently) and myself to discuss various random topics as a part of their Friday Forum. Topics discussed included underage sex, thirtysomethings living with their folks, Rainbow and Mother's Day.

To be honest, the whole thing was a blur and nothing of much substance was said (that being the point since it was Friday and thus supposed to be easy listening). I've gotten quite positive feedback, although my friends are polite like that so I'm not sure how well I did really. Personally I think I was a bit quiet at times and a bit flustered toward the end (thanks to a very well crafted email. Humph). And for the record my phone was off; my K750i just decided to switch itself back on whenever an alarm goes off. Stupid thing.

I did have fun though and it was nice to finally appear on Sonia's show after three and a half years of listening to it, especially seeing as next week is her last hosting it. I hope I get the chance to go back on whatever it becomes after Anita Rani takes over. The nerves will be less of a problem the second time around, and I think I'd respond differently depending on who I'm on with so it would be interesting to find out how. And of course if any of you thought I should go back on you can email the show ( and tell them so. I won't mind, honest...

Oh and I'll be around London this evening to sign any autographs. Cheers.

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