Saturday, March 25

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A friend of mine has been arranging these matrimonial events for a while now. They're aimed at those who have already been married, but are open to all. Today was the third annual event, and I was asked to come along and help out.

It basically took the form of a speed dating event. Although we were afraid that the women would quite outnumber the men at one point, the numbers evened out before we started.

I was asked to help usher people around after each of their 4-5 minute sessions. Although we did little else between those times, the whole thing flew by quickly taking around an hour overall.

There were people of all shapes and sizes, and although I shouldn't have, overhearing their conversations made it clear that each had their own story. It was a pretty strange ordeal just watching them all, but it seemed that the nerves of all settled eventually. Having said that, some were uncomfortable throughout.

All in all it was pretty impressive both for the organiser and those that attended. Quite selfishly, I'm glad that I had the chance to experience on of these events without actually having had to be a guest at one. Even though it was what I had expected I still gained a lot of insight taking part.

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