Sunday, March 19

Food: Gaucho Grill Click for more info

Argentinean Steak House, so possibly not the best place for a halal eater to enjoy food, but this was a special occasion so what would be eaten wasn't really a priority. The seafood available was limited, offering either the sea bass or salmon, but both dishes were nice. I had the sea bass, which came in whole, head bones and all. As I'm a lazy eater the boneless salmon steak would have probably been a better choice, but it wasn't that big a deal.

The restaurant (we went to the South Kensington branch; they have others in London) itself was nice and had enough space to suit our fifteen person group (who are especially loud and, well, rude). I also should mention that the service was good (if only because a certain member of our group thought a lot of a particular female host).

The bill came to around 35 per head which is a bit pricey for what we got. Still we had a nice time and if it wasn't the food we were paying for, that at least was a bargain.