Sunday, March 12

Food: Cafe Isha Click for more info

This had been described as serving Middle Eastern/Indian food, and I admit I was curious to find what that meant. It turns out that it was exactly what it said on the tin: kebabs with humous. Not that there's anything wrong with the idea itself, since I know quite a few people who would prefer either but not necessarily both.

Still, the fact was that the food wasn't great. And although I wasn't there at the time of paying I've been told that the bill hit the 20 quid per head mark; For what we had this is pretty much unacceptable and A Rip Off.

It's a shame really, 'cos apart from the food and price I kinda liked the place. It had a bit of charm and ambience and would have made a nice place to hang out after you had already eaten elsewhere. But now, quite frankly, there's nothing really left to recommend Cafe Isha.

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