Tuesday, March 8


A few relevant people already know of my self imposed ability to pick and choose which side to pick to support in an ever so important Indo-Pak cricket match. I like to think it's due to my rich heritage and family movement during partition that gives me this flux in identity; those that claim to know me will instead just call me fickle.

Still, over the recent years I've more or less cemented my support for the Pak cricket team, rejoicing when they win and hurting when they lose (against any team). However my brief yet historical support of India means that it hurts that bit less when they batter us, and even then I feel like it's a win for both sides when a game ends amicably whichever team has clocked up the most runs at that point.

Some may see that as me not being a real fan of either, but I don't care; If not hating the opposition makes me a weak supporter of both, then I'll happily be exactly that. If being a fan of the symbolism implies I have less passion for the game, then fair enough. Although yes, perhaps it's a bit wet.

Current score: Pakistan First Innings 191 for 6 (51.0 overs). Hmm. Suddenly I find myself wondering whether it's too late to rewrite this blog...