Friday, March 4

My Fifteen Seconds of Fame

Today I was literally dragged on to the radio in order to enter a competition that I really didn't want to enter. The prize was a pair of tickets for a play showing this weekend, but since I was planning to go watch it with a few friends anyway free tickets woulda just made things complicated. No, I actually thought I was entering a contest for a Shrek toy (that my nephew woulda loved) but the rules were changed at the last minute.

Well I won the tickets (although I've yet to be told how I should get them, which makes things even more complicated). I'll try and get the clip hosted somewhere, so keep checking back for a link.

I wonder how gay I sounded...?

EDIT: My word. Do I sound like that in real life? Terrible.


  1. lol Spam, how much did you pay them to let you win?

    And has no-one ever told you that your own voice sounds different to you then anybody else.

  2. LMAO..

    You sounded just..

  3. it was funny - made me laugh.

    you didnt sound nervous though? i would have prolly been "eeerrr...ermmm"ing throughout.

  4. >>I wonder how gay I sounded...?

    host a clip and i'll give you a rating out of 10? :P