Wednesday, March 23

Game: Resident Evil 4

At last Capcom have decided to revamp what I considered to be a pretty good although well trodden series. Gone are the static cameras, replaced by one stuck firmly above your shoulders. The shoddy control system is still there, but the problems it had seem to have been mitigated by the free camera.

That's not to say there's still that feeling of panic when you can't quite turn and run away fast enough. Having half-zombies who can run after you doesn't help.

The main difference, however, is that the developers have realised limiting ammo and save reels don't quite add to the suspense of the game - only to the frustration of the player playing it. So we now see hordes of enemies who drop ammo when you kill them (which is now fun as well as scary), and the removal of reels (you can now save wherever there are typewriters as much as you want). You can even "continue" from checkpoints instead of having to reload.

Readers who have not played may think this dilutes the purity of RE games and may even reduce the effect the game has on those playing. The former I might have to agree with but then the changes are for the better. And as for the latter: judging by the way I just screamed like a girl while playing, I definitely disagree with that.