Monday, March 28

Manchester Is Great

For the following reasons:

  1. The women. It's probably just the "strange land" effect but Manchester is definitely fly.

  2. The roads. Nice and wide and begging to be driven hard on (although I was well behaved over the weekend since I was a foreigner and driving the beemer).

  3. The girls. I could probably spend the whole day in Source munching on eye candy.

  4. Nawaab's on Stockport Road. A tenner for a good Indian food buffet? At dinner time? In a clean and well decorated environment? Full to the brim of "talent"? Only at Nawaab's.

  5. The chicks. Not only do they look good, they also look back. Not in a sleazy way, mind; think more non-introverted, non-insular and confident.

  6. The people. Not only did I make two new friends, I also got to know a third better. And all that in less than 24 hours. And then of course there was the host with the most.

  7. The ladies. Just in case I forgot to mention them. They're great.

  8. Getting to leave at the end. 'Cos after all, Manchester isn't London.


  1. sorry why did you go to manchester again?

  2. couldn't agree more! mc