Sunday, March 13

Film: Hitch Click for more info

If I was a film, I'd be Hitch. Ok, not quite, but I reckon this is a flick that most guys will relate to on some level. Will Smith and Eva Mendez made a surprisingly good on screen couple, the jokes (with a few exceptions) ran well and the show was filled to the brim with feel good factor. Apart from a disappointingly weak ending, Hitch was pretty great.

It was a bit pathetic[1] that it presented what any decent guy knows ("listen to what a girl is saying instead staring at her breasts") like it was some great secret to success, but then I guess the reality is that most men can't figure these things out for themselves. Which happens to be a shame for everyone (see: Vance).

It's made my top three romcoms along with Serendipity and Animal Attraction so go watch it, even if it means going with two other guys like I did. Sigh.

[1] Is "pathetic" the right word here? Alternatives included "disappointing", "fustrating" and "annoying".