Sunday, March 20

My New D500

To be honest, I initially didn't give the Samsung D500 much thought. I try to avoid moving parts in a phone (something the 7110 taught me), and a bit of prejudice told me that Samsung don't really make fantastic phones.

However, a bit of googling easily showed me how impressive a phone the D500 is. A cumulation of their experience over the last few years the D500 is basically an admission on Samsung's part of the mistakes they've made previously.

This is a good thing though. Unlike SE, who despite making the best phones (in my opinion) have carried forward the same blinkered flaws in their phones since the T68 (for example the way you need to copy numbers to the SIM to enable speed dialing, or the way you can only search your phonebook on the first letter), Samsung have had the humility to take what was wrong and replace them with the better solutions other providers offer (including a speed dial editor).

Add to that a pretty sexy form factor, a beautiful sliding mechanism (yes, I said that) and most importantly good basic phone features (some even reckon it's Bluetooth implementation is better than SE's) and the D500 makes a pretty good phone to keep for the next two years or so.


  1. I've had the D500 for a couple of months now, but i've not fallen in love with it.

    Yes, it has some good features, MP3 player, video recorder, voice recorder, scratch resistent screen to name a few, but the picture quality is less than average, particularly zoomed shots.

    The keys are pretty small, hence making it harder to text (for those that send loads of messages), and although it has a 'voice clarity' feature it doesn't improve the background noise/muffling of the call.

    It's small and quite lightweight, and the memory capacity is good too.

    Like you're a SE kinda guy i'm more of a Nokia kinda girl.

    But hey if i were to score the D500 i'd give it a good 7/10

  2. oh and i forgot to mention the D500's battery life isn't too great.