Tuesday, March 8

Time Minus Two Days

So Thursday is a big day for the guys about whom I posted one of my first blogs about. No, it's nothing to do with Parminder Nagra appearing on ER; Thursday is the day The Wives arrive from Bangladesh.

It's a pretty strange situation. We were in Bangladesh around 6 months ago, and frankly some of us (well I have anyway) have forgotten that the two weddings took place. Yeh, sure, there was the odd joke about how they could no longer perv over Lana, but apart from that I thought it was pretty easy to forget they were half way to their first anniversaries.

So anyway, Thursday is a big day for them, their family and indeed the rest of us. It's gonna be weird, but I think it'll be a good-weird rather than an apprehensive one. Things'll change of course, but that's how life works, and shouldn't be seen as a bad thing.

Anyway, good luck bros!