Wednesday, March 16

I Quit

I hid my profile today[1]. There are some things about it that doesn't sit well with me - some things I've mentioned before, and some new feelings about the whole deal have arisen. For example, I now see that it's hard to be swept off your feet by a website.

There are no regrets here. In fact I'm glad I did it; I now know that it's not for me and I definitely have more sympathy for those who choose to use the facility. Moreover, in typical Shak fashion, I will try to keep friendly contact with a couple of people I've met through it, so there's another result.

[1] Ok, not entirely true. I did it a while back but I forgot to blog that I did. So sue me.


  1. dude, why don't you get your parents to sort you out? what happened to good old arranged marriages man? they were still working last time i checked. or is that an option you're not comfortable with? anyways, what i'd be interested to know are your exact reasons for "quitting".

  2. think the parents have given up on him ;op

  3. sigh... ignore them shakky! you just carry on visiting the library and some day it will happen! i swear it will! you will both reach for the last copy of whatever it is you will want to read.. and then you will both smile and bham...your love story will begin! :-)... ro i think fairytales are easier to write wouldn't you say! ;-)

  4. zahera you've been watching too many soppy films! it might happen but i sure couldn't live life on that tiny offchance...

    tell your parents to start ringing around and make an effort, you might be suprised at teh results. maybe you just haven't told them clearly enough to get a move on

  5. "For example, I now see that it's hard to be swept off your feet by a website."

    Wait, you're not seriously looking to be swept off your feet are you? Well, if you are, at least tell me you're not hoping to be swept off your feet instantly.

  6. hey man, you can use my profile, its a winner.