Wednesday, March 16

The Further Adventures of Train-Girl

Since I travelled home with Steve today, I joined the Central Line later than I usually do, at Mile End. Allowing the first Newbury Park train to pass, who should I spot but Train-Girl already on the following Epping service.

Now, for some reason, these sightings have become pretty rare since I got back from Bangladesh. So rare that the last time I did spot her I decided to introduce myself the next. So there I was, gearing myself up to do exactly that when who should step on at Leytonstone, but my dad.

Ok, so I found a pretty good excuse to put this off to another day right? Well I initially thought exactly that and so when we all got off the train I settled into the company of my pops, and due to his slower pace we ended up walking a few steps behind Train-Girl.

It only hit me a few minutes down the road as to how perfect this opportunity was. What better time to introduce yourself to a girl without appearing to "hit" on her than with your dad present? She'd feel safe (well safer), and it's not like I particularly cared that my dad was around either. So yes: I made the decision to go with my original plan anyway. Quickening my pace and signalling to my dad to do the same I approached her.

And that's when her phone rang. Suddenly the rug had been pulled from under my feet. She instinctively slowed down to answer the call, we had speeded up and as we passed her so did my chance to say hi. On a day of impeccable timings and coincidences, I wasn't too surprised.

Anyway. Next time. Definitely. It's only a matter of time; after all I know where she lives...