Wednesday, March 16

Marrying My Cousin

No, not me silly. But I did get a chance to watch the programme from yesterday. I won't dwell too much on what happened - basically it was about a guy named Gark traveling back home to Lahore to marry a cousin he had been "engaged" to the past four years. Frankly the programme had little to do with cousins and more to do with marrying back home in general.

Personally I found the whole case tragic and touching in equal measure. The guy obviously didn't know what he was getting into - possibly his own fault for being so disinterested the last four years (man, I'm glad I can communicate with my folks, and also that I'm not in the situation of not having been back home since I was five). Still, it was clear the marriage wasn't in his own heart but instead in that of his mother and sisters.

He was my hero though. Obviously a man of more patience than me, he sacrificed quite a lot when he decided to go ahead with the marriage. Ok, sure, it may all pan out for him (if he doesn't achieve happiness on his own, I'm sure his tyrannical sisters will ensure it - "YOU WILL BE HAPPY") and he did have a responsibility to a girl he had "taken" for the last four years, but if it doesn't work out like he fears it won't, he's giving up quite a lot for his family and relatives. His "vicious circle of happiness" was bang on.

Yes ok, perhaps I'm being a bit sensitive here. But although I'm not marrying a cousin I've never met I can and will further relate to Gark's situation, although I'm not certain how similar our fates will be.

My heart goes out to him.