Monday, March 28

Contract Killing

So while I was in Manchester, my long overdue new contract phone dropped through the post. It's a Motorola V545 on Orange. A decent enough phone, but not enough for me to not have found the D500. Nah, the real point of this new kit was the 12 months free line rental that came with it; on Vodafone Anytime 200 OVP to boot.

So to be clear I got a free (adequate) phone, and 12 months worth of cashback on a tariff that gives me 200 inclusive xnet minutes a month (One Stop Phone Shop also threw in a car handsfree kit, but blah to that).

Quite worryingly I'm pretty excited at the prospect of coming back to Orange. T-mobile is pretty dire - when there isn't crap reception, my phone randomly dropped off the network anyway. And then things like the lack of three-way calling, expensive GPRS and an anal picture messaging policy make me wonder how they're actually managing to survive in the market. Thank heavens for number porting.

I once blogged how I didn't understand why some people spent so much time wasting money on phones and contracts, in particular text messaging. I now take that back and further thank you all instead; if it wasn't for you guys subsidising new contracts, I probably wouldn't get a deal like this...