Wednesday, March 9

The Death of Spammy

Due to a number of recent events, I've taken the decision to kill off Spammy, the moniker I've been using for various online activity for the past 4 years (although it feels much longer than that!). The alias is a relic of the past and I feel that I don't really have a need or use for it anymore, and so I thought I'd proactively speed up its inevitable deprecation. Quite strangely, I actually feel a bit poignant about it.

The main reason I'm blogging this ('cos I appreciate how lame this is) is to let you all know that the URL to this blog will change eventually too (although not yet 'cos you might not have read this post. Or something). So keep on your toes when any hard links to it die.

Oh, and even though I know many of you will still, I humbly request you don't refer to me by it anymore. I have a nice enough name I reckon - use it please!