Thursday, March 31


Shak: WHAT?!?!?! noooo nothing beats sony
SAN: yeah but i had a nokia for years before this
SAN: sony is far better i agree
Shak: they pee me off more than samsung
Shak: in fact they all pee me off
SAN: ooh
SAN: rant time
Shak: whcih is strange considering how much i use the things ahahahaha
SAN: lol
SAN: how much do u use your phone?
Shak: not that much hehe
SAN: thought so
Shak: pfft
SAN: but even for practical use
Shak: thats no excuse for not having a bloody ring and vibrate funtion
Shak: phones are so like women.
SAN: they need to do what you would like them to do
SAN: go on explain
Shak: It's so easy in theory for a phone to be perfect.
SAN: lol
SAN: lol
Shak: but in practise they always fall short FOR NO BLOODY REASON
SAN: and you would know
SAN: mr i am soo experienced
Shak: sometimes the person with the most insight is the one who observes


  1. mwahha..too right..

  2. shak how sad are we.. look at the things we discuss man!

  3. hahahah... theres an excellent 'soundbite' in there:

    >Shak: thats no excuse for not having a bloody ring and vibrate funtion
    >Shak: phones are so like women.

    nuff said shak

  4. uhhh.... moi aussi - je nais pas un fonction 'sonner et vibrer'

  5. Je ne comprend pas. Parlez/write le erm Anglaise, silvous plait.

  6. lol can someone pls change the settings on shaks blog back to english please ;op

  7. i don't have an excuse for not having a 'ring and vibrate' function either... gah the jokes bee flogged properly!

  8. hehe sowee fluffs.

    lsd: erm. okey alittle slow..waahaa

  9. Lsd, Sans confused me alittle more now.

  10. i think she was joking about the blog settings... hahah

  11. Mwahahah

    we're all confused. thats ok.