Thursday, March 31


Shak: WHAT?!?!?! noooo nothing beats sony
SAN: yeah but i had a nokia for years before this
SAN: sony is far better i agree
Shak: they pee me off more than samsung
Shak: in fact they all pee me off
SAN: ooh
SAN: rant time
Shak: whcih is strange considering how much i use the things ahahahaha
SAN: lol
SAN: how much do u use your phone?
Shak: not that much hehe
SAN: thought so
Shak: pfft
SAN: but even for practical use
Shak: thats no excuse for not having a bloody ring and vibrate funtion
Shak: phones are so like women.
SAN: they need to do what you would like them to do
SAN: go on explain
Shak: It's so easy in theory for a phone to be perfect.
SAN: lol
SAN: lol
Shak: but in practise they always fall short FOR NO BLOODY REASON
SAN: and you would know
SAN: mr i am soo experienced
Shak: sometimes the person with the most insight is the one who observes