Thursday, March 24


I just completed the first issue of this long established Muslim mag, and I'm impressed. What drew me to it was the recent article regarding Muslim women at university going off the rails (my embellishment, so chill), and after finding they had a half price subs offer, I thought "What the hell?". Frankly, the editor's article at the beginning was worth the asking price alone.

Lately I seem to be getting at least one revelation each month with respect to the depth and breadth of Muslims living in the west. Last month it was the various dinners I attended, and before that my introduction to the City Circle. And this time it's due to Q-News. It's a wonderful feeling and one which totally changes the stance I had a while back (I won't link to it directly, but it was the freak one).

In many ways Q-News reminds me of the book Islam The Way of Revival, although since this mag is written in English for English speakers (rather than having been translated) it's more of a pleasure to read.

The articles it presents, when taken from a macro perspective, can be quite contradictory and different in the directions they come from (some are militant and some quite liberal for example), but that's a good thing and allows the reader to test their open mindedness - expect to agree and disagree with them in equal measure.

So anyway yes, it's well recommended for those who wish to expose themselves to what may be otherwise unknown or inaccessible mindsets. Of course it's not a substitute for actually meeting the people that actually hold these opinions, but at least you can take the mag to bed with you.

Q-News are currently having a March Sale (more details here) which is offering a twelve month subscription for £14.99. Well worth it even if you eventually decide it's not for you.