Tuesday, April 1

A New Job, A New Home And A New Start

As some of you already know, I've managed to snag a job at Google. It's pretty much the stuff of dreams really - it's as lead developer for a new department that I can't quite go into detail on as yet but appears to fit me and my lifestyle perfectly.

So good news then? Well maybe. You see, the thing is that the job is in Mountain View, California, and I'm expected to be there by mid-April. In short, I'm leaving the UK to live in the USA.

It's all very exciting for me and something that's been long overdue. Some of you know I've been wanting a shot in the arm like this for a while, something to catalyse my career (and possibly more). It's a new chapter in my life, and one which I'm looking forward to very much.

For those of you who can make it, there'll be various leaving parties in the next couple of weeks or so - stay tuned for more info on those. And of course I'll still be blogging. Nothing changes here; apart from posts being updated in a different time zone and possibly with a new attitude maybe.

Wish me luck!

EDIT: Although I usually come clean after midday, today's gag was so successful I decided to leave it running a while longer. But yes, alas, it's an April Fool and I'm not going anywhere. What's especially depressing is how people are more willing to believe me moving continents for work than getting married.